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More Manners #3: Appropriate Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

More Manners #3:
Demonstrates appropriate Non-Verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication is the exchange of emotions or information without the use of words. This list is endless but includes:
rolling the eyes
intense eye contact (or refusing eye contact)
body stance
facial expressions
looking at your phone mid-coversation
looking at your watch
licking your lips
stepping backwards away from someone
bowing your chest
playing with your hair
and on and on and on…..

Those with proper etiquette awareness are intentional about the messages that they send non-verbally and are careful not offend another through disrespectful body language. They understand when it is appropriate to be buttoned-up and formal as well as when it is acceptable to be relaxed and jovial. 

Take some time to evaluate your non-verbal communication style. Are you always dramatic with facial expressions and responses or are you at the opposite end of the spectrum in that you show zero emotion, thus appearing stiff? Find a middle ground and avoid excessive actions. Work hard to eliminate foot-tapping, eye rolling, tugging at your clothes or jewelry, taking your phone out of your pocket/purse unnecessarily or fidgeting, in general. 

**In this self-evaluation series, consider your individual behavioral style and privately rate yourself on each topic from 1 to 5 (1 being Needs Work to 5 being Mastery). 

We encourage you be honest with yourself, and when you discover that you might be a 1, 2 or 3 in any specific area, strive to improve that behavior and seek additional knowledge and guidance if needed.