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More Manners #2: Overall Poise

More Manners #2: 
Overall poise (demonstrating composure and gracefulness even when under great stress or pressure; balanced)

Maintaining a sense of calm when the waters of life seem smooth and tranquil is somewhat easy, yet the real challenge presents itself when waves rock the boat and crash painfully against the shore. Those with a high level of overall poise find a way to be kind and pleasant in all situations. 

Polite, well-balanced people handle life’s tough patches with intentional poise, even when they feel anything but peaceful on the inside. They refuse to allow the storms at sea to bring out the worst in them or to take out their pain on others by lashing out. 

Portraying poise is a chosen behavior that becomes easier with practice paired with a strong level of fundamental contentment. It requires an elevated sense of self-control along with an enlightened belief system that our world and it’s course is greater than any individual’s temporary circumstances. 

**In this self-evaluation series, consider your individual behavioral style and privately rate yourself on each topic from 1 to 5 (1 being Needs Work to 5 being Mastery). 

We encourage you be honest with yourself, and when you discover that you might be a 1, 2 or 3 in any specific area, strive to improve that behavior and seek additional knowledge and guidance if needed.