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In addition to technical knowledge and good work ethics, proper business etiquette and an elevated level of manners can truly set a professional apart from the pack, and we offer various opportunities for both individuals and for corporate accounts.  Our programs are designed to equip today’s professionals with exceptional manners and networking skills in order to enhance their personal communication skills and to improve any workplace environment .



“Modern Manners” – Helping today’s young professionals shine

This business etiquette training program is designed for young professionals just entering the workforce.  Participants learn practical, life-long applications in a fun, relaxed, interactive environment during this two-hour workshop.

This program is ideal for:

  • College and University Clubs
  • Greek Organizations
  • Law Fraternities
  • Community College Career Services
  • Firms that hire multiple employees at one time
  • Professional Associations

Designed to help young professionals:

  • Understand workplace expectations
  • Develop regard for professional behavior and appearance
  • Improve verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Acquire effective networking skills
  • Consider community area behavior
  • Learn proper cubicle and meeting etiquette
  • Communicate appropriately through email and social media
  • Value teamwork

“Modern Manners” is delivered onsite and may be customized to benefit organizations of any size; however, small groups of 8-10 participants are highly recommended.

“Polished Impressions” – Support for Human Resources departments

This business etiquette training program is customized based on the needs determined together with your Human Resources department and fits perfectly into your company’s Continuing Education platform.

Our program aims to:

  • Encourage employees to develop a personal image that communicates the values of their company
  • Develop the “people skills” crucial for success
  • Improve overall workplace etiquette
  • Increase employee standards through development of self-confidence
  • Encourage respect for company dress code and for fellow employees
  • Enhance overall productivity of participants
  • Instill the importance of valuing and protecting the company brand
  • Increase company-wide job satisfaction and profitability

Program content may include: 

  • The Importance of Mannerly Behavior in the Worklace
  • Behaving and Presenting Oneself Like a Professional
  • The Value of Kindness, Respect, Discretion and Tact
  • Avoiding Gossip and “Lack of Affect”
  • Appropriate Conflict Resolution
  • Becoming a Skillful Conversationalist
  • Proper Use of Phone, Email and Text
  • Cyber Civility and Social Networking

“Polished Impressions” successfully encourages respect and improves manners among employees as well as increases overall professionalism and civility in the workplace by helping participants to develop proper verbal and non-verbal communication skills through general etiquette education.

“Professional Presence in Writing” – Copyediting & Proofreading

For a message to be clearly received, it must be clearly communicated. When aiming to have a positive impact on clients, potential employers or colleagues, a professional overview of written communications is often vital to success. Discovering errors in documents after they have been submitted or published can be both frustrating and professionally damaging, therefore, an extra set of eyes eliminates this problem. A professional copyeditor and proofreader will zero in on the details and refine any message to ensure it is clear and appropriate.

This program is designed to assist:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Professionals
  • Job Seekers
  • Writers & Authors
  • Professional Speakers
  • Website Creators & Webmasters

Review and analysis may include:

  • Resumés
  • Websites & Webinars
  • Newsletters & Brochures
  • Marketing Materials
  • Presentations & Visuals
  • Magazines
  • Manuscripts
  • Sales Scripts & Manuals

“Professional Presence in Writing” is designed not to find fault, but rather to improve the final product. Writing can often be difficult, and overlooking errors in one’s own work is common. Partnering with a professional copyeditor is a wise investment to protect any brand’s image.

“Business Etiquette in Healthcare” – Distinguishing providers and hospitals from the competition

In healthcare, knowledgeable and skilled medical professionals and staff supported by efficient and effective processes are the bedrock of the industry, without which care cannot exist. Business etiquette knowledge and skill are an enhancement to healthcare services which helps to ensure patients and staff feel valued and respected.

This program, designed by The Protocol School of Washington, is ideal for:

  • Front Line Support Staff
  • Technical Staff
  • Nurses
  • Managers/Administrators
  • Residents

The intent of the program is to: 

  • Develop self confidence in staff through etiquette knowledge and skill applicable in any setting
  • Develop an understanding of what is conveyed to patients and other staff through appropriate behavior
  • Develop listening and communication skills that support valuing and respecting self and others
  • Improve teamwork among staff
  • Improve interaction with patients
  • Increase both employee satisfaction in the workplace and patient satisfaction

Business Etiquette in Healthcare provides unique skills and knowledge that are not often taught in a traditional healthcare degree program. This aspect of education will provide healthcare professionals with an increased level of interaction intelligence thus setting your organization apart from the competition. Content also addresses proper Technology Etiquette which has proven to be vital for businesses in the 21st century. This program may be tailored for groups of any size and is highly interactive utilizing lecture, discussion, a personal workbook, and corresponding PowerPoint, all providing content for immediate use.

“Etiquette Analysis and Enhancement” – Setting the individual apart from the crowd

This one-on-one coaching program features The Etiquette Network’s 44-point Etiquette Assessment where all areas of proper manners and effective verbal and non-verbal communication are addressed.  Dining etiquette is also covered as student and trainer enjoy a festive, four-course tutorial meal with focused instruction.  Completion of this unique program provides a lifetime of benefits and equips the individual with the polish and skills necessary to stand out in any crowd!

This program is ideal for:

  • Seasoned professionals looking to improve personal polish and decorum
  • Young professionals
  • Future Executives
  • High School/College graduates
  • Direct Selling Leaders
  • Independent Business Owners
  • Teachers/Coaches influencing future generations

Program Includes: 

  • Guided Self-Assessment
  • Personal Coaching from a Certified Etiquette Trainer
  • Four-course lunch or dinner based on participant’s preference
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Hardback copy of “Emily Post’s Etiquette:  Manners For A New World”

“Etiquette Analysis and Enhancement” is a non-threatening and effective way for an individual to quickly become aware of how others may perceive their words and behaviors.  This program will encourage poise, polish and professionalism in all areas of life and will aid the individual in extending positive impressions.  Company discounts available when program is offered to multiple employees.

“Extended DISC® Behavior Analysis System” – Helping professionals communicate and relate

This system is designed to provide information about individual behavioral style, strengths, development areas, skills, opinions, perceptions and expectations.  This tool has both personal and professional application to effectively relate, communicate, influence and motivate others in creating successful relationships.  The Extended  DISC®  Personal Analysis and Report is rendered by a Certified Trainer and Authorized Distributor of the Extended DISC System and will provide individuals with the map to more successful interactions with others.

This program is ideal for:

  • Employers
  • Recruiters
  • Organizational Leaders
  • College graduates
  • Direct Selling Leaders
  • Sales Professionals
  • Individuals seeking better relationships with family, friends and colleagues

Designed to assist with: 

  • Improved hiring decisions
  • Increased employee retention
  • Higher productivity and better sales results
  • Elevating teamwork efficiency
  • Improved management effectiveness

“Extended DISC® System” assists individuals in learning the four main human behavior styles and how individuals are perceived.  This program helps professionals increase their ability to read people and to better understand them in order that they may adjust communication styles to achieve goals.  Individuals complete an online assessment and are then provided an educational overview for understanding the EDISC® System followed by a private review of their personal Analysis Report.  Group Reports may also be generated to benefit  specific teams/departments and reviewed to enhance organizations of any size.

The Etiquette Network also offer keynotes for your National Sales Meetings as well as topic-specific breakouts based on your company’s unique needs.  Please contact us to discover how we may best serve your organization. 


“As a confident and well-organized speaker, I strongly recommend Jacquelyn Flesner as a perspective speaker for your group!” ~Christina M. Johnson, LHCC MOPS Speaker Coordinator

“Thank you for teaching the business communication course. I learned a lot, and you made the class very enjoyable and informative at the same time!” ~Jessica Avalone, Pine Richland High School

“How inspiring and eye opening your talk was.  Thank you for sharing your heart and for being transparent  Thank you for giving us an opportunity to make a change that day to become a better wife and mother.  I personally made some changes as a result of your talk and my husband has been amazed at the difference it has made.” ~Teresa Bear, California

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