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Dining Etiquette for Teens (greater Pittsburgh)

Sponsored by Treesdale Golf and Country Club – Stay tuned for future offerings of this course!

Open to all students currently in 9th-12th grades.

Investment: $35 per student

A focused, interactive class hosted by The Etiquette Network. The class will introduce students to topics such as how to properly place an order, polite conversation, navigating the place settings and appropriate manners at a professional mealtime meeting. Mrs. Flesner will work with the students over a the course of a meal which includes a soup, entrée, dessert, drink, tax and gratuity. Please send questions or requests for additional information to

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“The Polished Communicator” (Colorado)

Equipping tweens and teens with crucial communication skills for a lifetime of success!

We invite you to take advantage of a special opportunity for families in and around the Strasburg area. “The Polished Communicator” is designed for high school students and includes four hours of guided instruction by Certified Etiquette Trainer, Kellie Stoll.

Sunday, October 21st, 1-5p                                                                                                                    

Hosted by:

Strasburg Legion Hall
56423 Westview Avenue
Strasburgh, CO 80136

For students currently in grades 9-12

Investment: $90 per student (please inquire about sibling and referral discounts)

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Sadly, many of today’s youth and young adults do not present themselves in a positive light due to underdeveloped and ineffective communication skills.  Many lack confidence, avoid eye contact, mumble, choose inappropriate verbiage or simply fail to express themselves positively, politely and powerfully.  The reliance upon text messaging and social media has essentially handicapped our future leaders and is preventing them from achieving optimal social development.

This course equips teens with confidence and poise, improved speaking and listening skills, critical thinking skills, enhanced leadership capabilities, improved discipline and heightened respect for others.

Curriculum presented covers multiple aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication, from small talk to public speaking, as well as educates the students about proper attire for all occasions.  Content will encourage students to develop new life skills and will focus on learning to implement discretion and tact in conversations along with practical tips for overcoming anxiety and fear prior to important presentations.  Additional topics such as conflict resolution, giving and receiving feedback and composing a proper Thank-You note will also be covered.   “Sunday Best” dress is encouraged for participants of this workshop.

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Give your child the Gift of Great Manners!

The Etiquette Network offers a variety of courses where future leaders, ages 11 to 18, can learn the importance of manners and communicating effectively throughout life.  Customized programs for individuals and groups available upon request.

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The Etiquette Network provides individuals and organizations with the knowledge of the basic rules of etiquette and networking skills that can help them grow and experience success. The success of any business, team or personal endeavor depends on the ability to build relationships with colleagues, customers, teammates and others who provide new opportunities for business and various other aspects of life.

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