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Your athletes are the face of your University….

Equip them to represent you well and to protect your brand by providing them with a program to improve their verbal and non-verbal communication skills as well as their overall public image and social media etiquette.





In addition to providing communities and schools with intrinsic value, college athletic programs often serve as the main connection between a school and the public.  Most Americans admittedly relate to any given University based on their loyalty to the football or basketball team and not necessarily due to any academia accolades.  However, the main proposition of higher education is the promise of a valuable learning experience and the offer of knowledge and skills to pursue a successful, happy life. Therefore, if an institution’s ability to provide this experience is justifiably mocked, then its basic reason for being is compromised.  And so, when athletes fail to uphold the reputation of their university through negative social media posts, inappropriate dress or unpolished use of the English language, it inevitably reflects poorly on the public’s perception of any given higher learning institution.

In our fast-paced world that bombards us with messages every day, it has become more important than ever to clearly have any college or university represented in a positive manner through its athletes.  It is each athlete’s responsibility to help present a public face that is valued and respected; therefore, it is the institution’s responsibility to ensure that their athletes are equipped with knowledge, skills and expectations for excellence.

The Etiquette Network offers highly qualified trainers who can provide your student-athletes with the attributes that they need, not only to succeed in life, but to protect the brand and reputation of the institution that has so graciously provided an education for each of them.

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