The Etiquette Network  provides individuals and organizations with the knowledge of the basic rules of etiquette and networking skills that can help them grow and experience success.  The success of any business, team or personal endeavor depends on the ability to build relationships with colleagues, customers, teammates and others who provide new opportunities for business and various other aspects of life.

Some key factors that prohibit an individual or organization from achieving its potential success include poor verbal and non-verbal communication skills, rude and distracting behavior, inappropriate attire and poor phone or dining manners.  There are many more habits that lead to poor etiquette which may have a huge impact on how a person or company is perceived.  The Etiquette Network offers highly qualified trainers who specialize in equipping individuals with proper manners and networking skills so that they improve their image and performance.  Our programs are specifically developed for the needs of individuals, teams or corporations through a custom assessment, followed by development of personalized curriculum.

The benefits of proper etiquette training are often reflected in improved relationships with colleagues, key customers and investors as well as an elevated image for the organization.  Improved communication skills and improved customer service skills lead to enhanced work morale which, in turn, lends itself to a higher level of productivity and profitability as well as protection of a company’s brand.

The Etiquette Network looks forward to assisting your organization with achieving greater success through practical programming for today’s unique business and social culture.

A note from our Founder

As a mother of two children, I find it of the utmost value for them to learn the importance of being kind, respectful, polite members of society.  And, as a Certified Etiquette Trainer, I feel honored each time I’m given the opportunity to help other children, teens and business professionals to improve their verbal and non-verbal communication skills in hopes of ultimately creating a more polished, polite and civil society.

We often see disturbing disgrace in our society today demonstrated by rude children, clueless teens and, even more sadly, disrespectful adults.  In the business world, I’m often witness to late arrivals for important meetings, inappropriate dress at meaningful functions, and overall poor etiquette by independent business owners and their employees.  Yet, I believe that virtually all people desire to be well-adjusted and well-respected, but somewhere along the way they have simply failed to learn the basics of proper behavior which, in turn, has ultimately lowered the overall standards of our society.  Therefore, I find it vital that all people receive an opportunity to learn and implement the proper rules of etiquette.

In general, our lives are more enjoyable and safer where there is an agreed upon structure and an overall understanding that kindness and civility are expected.  By training all demographics in etiquette, we are sharing basic guidelines that make each of us feel more secure and help us to function effectively.  We are, in essence, preserving American culture as it was intended by the founders of our great nation.

In an effort to assist all members of society in their quest for refinement, The Etiquette Network has been created.  Our company is dedicated to equipping children, teens and business professionals with proper manners and networking skills.  Our goals include improving manners, encouraging kindness and increasing civility. We are all called to respect and value others, live lives of integrity and make people feel at ease, and our programs strive to help individuals and organizations join us in accomplishing these goals.

Thank you for visiting The Etiquette Network.  We look forward to being of service to you!

Extending Grace,

Jacquelyn Flesner

Our Network

Jacquelyn Flesner, Certified Etiquette Consultant

Nationally recognized as a motivating trainer for Independent Business Owners, Jacquelyn Flesner is the founder of The Etiquette Network, with offices located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Denver, Colorado and greater Boston.  Since 2002 Jacquelyn has mentored thousands of entrepreneurs and assisted individuals in preparing themselves to excel in business and social settings with poise and confidence.  Prior to starting The Etiquette Network, Jacquelyn earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Pepperdine University and worked as an actress and producer in the Los Angeles film industry for eight years.  She also enjoyed a nine-year career as a top leader in the Direct Selling industry by leading and training a nationwide team through modeling professionalism, consistency and dedication.  She is a member of The Society of Certified Etiquette Trainers and is the Founder of ‘Professional Moms,’ an organization dedicated to connecting women through encouragement, education and association by offering consistent events where they can create solid, organic relationships.

Jacquelyn is committed to assisting individuals enhance their professional and social image through refinement of their networking skills and communications style.  She is pleased to offer private assessments and customized programming in order to meet the unique needs of small and large firms as well as individual needs of participants.

She assures customized programming by working closely with small business owners, Directors or Human Resources or meeting coordinators.  Each organization or individual will be offered a comprehensive needs assessment, which she reviews with the liaison, followed by a unique training program designed in accordance with each company’s continuing education expectations.

Mrs. Flesner is also available to media sources as a guest consultant to provide expert advice or programming content.


Wendy O. Lydon, Certified Extended DISC® Trainer

In addition to being a Licensed Professional Business Coach, Wendy guides professionals to effectively relate, communicate, influence and motivate others through training the Extended DISC® Personal Analysis System. This program helps business people learn how to read others and to better understand them in order to adjust one’s communication style to achieve professional and personal goals. Wendy’s background and expertise combines astute strategic, business and project/program management skills with over 25 years experience in business, association management, consultancy and analysis that enables her to assist clients to generate revenue and profit growth.  She is a collaborative leader skilled in motivating staff to achieve aggressive goals and objectives.   Wendy has led highly successful sales, recruitment and retention initiatives and has a solid background in customer relationship management (CRM), sales, marketing and customer service.

Mrs. Lydon brings executive clients a background and expertise in business, health care, medical group practices, group purchasing, association management, distribution, food service, franchise operations, medical waste and behavioral mental health. She holds degrees in business and information systems from Carlow University in Pittsburgh, PA and is a Certified Trainer and Authorized Distributor of the Extended DISC System.



Kellie Stoll, Certified Etiquette Trainer

In addition to being a wife and mother of two children, Mrs. Stoll is a member of The Society of Certified Etiquette Trainers and currently serves as the Director of Marketing for a local business in the dentistry industry in Thornton, Colorado.  For 11 years Kellie led, mentored and motivated a nationwide team of Independent Business Owners as a Top Leader in the Direct Selling Industry, and shifted her focus to The Etiquette Network in 2013.  She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and Merchandising from Colorado State University and believes that it is imperative to effectively market oneself professionally in today’s competitive world of business.

With over 20 years combined experience in the fields of Sales, Marketing and Merchandising, Mrs. Stoll has the knowledge, professionalism and charisma necessary to guide individuals in their quest for elevated business manners and networking skills.  Mrs. Stoll is dedicated to modeling these valuable characteristics in her own business and personal life, thus, motivating others to gain the expertise needed to be “professionally polished.”


Sandra Lane, Certified Professional Organizer & Certifed Etiquette Trainer

Sandra Lane is a Board Certified Professional Organizer and Productivity Expert where she serves others through assisting individuals and businesses with clearing out the clutter in order to become more effective managers of their time and space. Maintaining a productive life at home or in the office is a growing challenge in today’s busy culture, and Mrs. Lane offers solutions for those who wish to improve their level of efficiency. She provides positive one-on-one consulting as well as energetic group training sessions in the areas of productivity, time management, meeting and project management, paper organization, student productivity, and household management.

Mrs. Lane credentials include membership to the National Association of Professional Organizers and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization; both organizations are dedicated to promoting awareness of the organizing industry as well as educating the public and professional organizers. Sandra earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business from Montclair State University and also currently holds Level I Chronic Disorganization, Level I Student Organizing and Level I Time Management and Productivity Certificates.  In 2016, Mrs. Lane also became a Certified Etiquette Trainer and is an active member in good standing with the Society of Certified Etiquette Trainers.


Sheryl Johnson, MBA, Strategic Marketing and Networking Specialist

With a passion for marketing, Ms. Johnson specializes in the area of strategic networking and is the author and creator of the Network PRo Toolkit. Ms. Johnson’s expertise in understanding the importance of networking as a critical marketing technique necessary for business growth has inspired her to create a solution to help business and sales professionals to fully leverage the power of networking to increase profitability. She also quickly discovered that there is a direct correlation between business etiquette and the ability to be an effective networker. Whether networking in person or online, proper business etiquette is essential. Having strong interpersonal skills and an understanding of proper behavior in networking situations is critical for success in building meaningful business relationships.

Ms. Johnson offers a variety of marketing seminars and coaching services in individual and group settings for business and sales professionals. These sessions are highly engaging and the focus is on providing learning opportunities that have immediate business and personal use for the participants.

Ms. Johnson graduated with her undergraduate degree in business from The Pennsylvania State University, earned her MBA from Carnegie Mellon University and has over 20 years of business experience in many industries. In addition, she teaches marketing at the collegiate level and speaks regularly at various conferences and meetings. She enjoys being active in the community and is the co-founder of The Inn Group, a unique networking club servicing greater Pittsburgh. Sheryl also currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Providence Connections, a non-profit organization located in Pittsburgh whose mission is to strengthen families and enrich lives.




Miss Priss, Food and Etiquette Extraordinaire and Secret Shopper

With a lifetime of experience in the food and beverage industry, Miss Priss transparently shares her personal dining ‘yums’ and ‘yucks’ with loyal readers throughout Pittsburgh and beyond on her facebook blog and as a contributor for multiple publications. Growing up as the child of parents who owned, managed and served in the restaurant/bar business, Miss Priss has worked within virtually every aspect of the industry at more than 10 establishments throughout the country and is a foodie at heart. She loves to explore new recipes and techniques in her own kitchen and is always ready for a mysterious adventure to find public fare worth raving about! Miss Priss is on and endless search for that unique taste and texture experience, yet finds nothing more frustrating than poor service when dining out. With a passion for proper etiquette, she offers a wealth of knowledge for any diner seeking great food paired with exceptional service. Any savvy restaurant owner seeking honest feedback regarding their establishment would benefit from the services of Miss Priss, a masterful secret shopper.

For inquiries regarding Miss Priss reviewing your establishment, please email MissPriss@TheEtiquetteNetwork.com


Marylu Zuk, Proofreader & Copyeditor

With a professional career spanning over two decades, Marylu Zuk honed her skills in Sales, Marketing and Management before discovering her knack for fine tuning the words of others. Whether written or spoken, words leave an impression –   on prospective clients, potential employers, publishers and the general public. Marylu helps her clients edit their words to achieve a polished result. Her goal is to ensure communications are free of misspellings, redundancy and awkward     language. Using her critical eye and keen attention to detail, she will streamline your written material, tighten your presentations and drill through your documents.

Mrs. Zuk has degrees in Business and Aviation Administration, is a graduate of Leadership Academy for Women and a member of Pittsburgh Professional Women. Her publications include Whose A&& Is That?, a humorous storybook promoting positive body image for women, and Inspire! Women’s Stories of Accomplishment, Encouragement and Influence.


To learn more about The Etiquette Network’s individual and corporate programs, please call 760-798-9808 for a complimentary consultation.

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The Etiquette Network provides individuals and organizations with the knowledge of the basic rules of etiquette and networking skills that can help them grow and experience success. The success of any business, team or personal endeavor depends on the ability to build relationships with colleagues, customers, teammates and others who provide new opportunities for business and various other aspects of life.

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